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Your Order Is Ready


Your Order Is Ready offers a great alternative to calling out names or numbers in your restaurant. Like many establishments that give patrons a buzzer or pager to be alerted when they are ready to be seated, The Campus Dining App can be extended with the Your Order Is Ready plugin to allow customers to get push alerts on their phones when their order is ready.

You begin by configuring a Restaurant or C-Store to work with Your Order Is Ready. Then when customers place their order, they open The Campus Dining App, navigate to a particular Restaurant or C-Store and enter their order number. This order number is transmitted to the server which then waits for your kitchen to key in a matching number. When a pair is found, a push alert goes out to your customer’s phone to say that the order is waiting for pickup.

The Your Order Is Ready plugin also gives you the ability to use a screen next to your pickup window to show the most recently announced numbers.

Gone are the days of annoying microphones and loudspeakers ruining the vibe of your restaurant. Your Order Is Ready is waiting for you!

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