The restaurants section of the app lists all of your units by location, either by physical or conceptual grouping on your campus. Each restaurant shows its live hours of operation. Units that are open are marked in green with their closing time listed (or 24 hours for all-day/night units), red for units that are closing in the next 30 minutes (with the number of minutes remaining until closure), and gray for units that are currently closed.

This list serves as a quick “What’s Open” feature across both the Restaurants and the C-Stores sections. (Note that the C-Stores name is dynamic and can be replaced with whatever term you use on your campus.)

Hours of Operation

Each restaurant is featured with a bold image you select. The Hours screen shows the unit’s complete hours of operation listed by day and time. Units can be:

  • Open for a set amount of time (i.e., 7:00am – 11:00pm)
  • Open 24 Hours a Day
  • Open during different blocks of the day
    (i.e., 7:00am – 2:00pm and 5:00pm – 8:00pm)
  • Open past midnight
  • Closed

In addition to your regular hours of operation, you have nine other sets of hours you can create. So Spring Break, Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Commencement… they can all have their own hours — and the system can even automatically switch to a different schedule at a day/time you specify.

Restaurant Overview

Swiping across the middle of the screen or tapping the menu at the top brings up a description of the unit. Here you can describe the unit’s physical presence on campus, the cuisine it offers, or the history behind it… whatever you desire.

Cuisine Filters

First-year students, transfers, new faculty and staff, and visitors to your campus need to know what type of cuisine you serve to make an informed decision on where to dine. The Campus Dining App allows you to specify your own custom cuisines to better categorize your Restaurants to aide in searching and filtering.

Social Media

Reaching your customer in today’s fast-paced, highly digital world can be harder (or easier) than ever. Leverage social media to publicize your food service operation, to advertise your special events, to inform about new and different products, or just to reinforce your brand. The Campus Dining App includes social media feeds for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and YouTube, so depending on your campus culture, you’ll be covered.

The More Tab!

And there’s more! What pitch would be complete without that line? The Campus Dining App doesn’t stop with just your restaurants, C-Stores, and social media. The More Tab features everything else you want to cram into the app in a tastefully organized manner.

Present information about your meal plans. Show all of your locations on one map. List the health scores for your restaurants and kitchens to reassure customers you take health safety seriously. Brag about your awards. The list goes on and on.

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