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Menu Ordering


The Menu Ordering plugin allows customers, managers, and chefs to work together to prepare an order for pickup at a designated time.

Perfect for customers with allergy concerns or special dietary needs, the Menu Ordering plugin works with the Nutrition Addition Menu Manager to pull your daily menus, present them to your customers, and allow them to check the items thereby creating an order for a specific day and meal time.

Customers log in to place an order; managers and chefs log in to retrieve orders for a given day.

An extensive control panel of features gives you flexibility to control how and when menus are presented. Require orders be placed one or more days in advance; limit pickup availability based on meal times; send reminder emails to customers and managers/chefs overnight; suspend ordering during breaks or down time.

While not designed for on-demand ordering (i.e., order now and pickup in 10 minutes), the Menu Ordering plugin focuses on ordering in advance so that menu items can be prepared specifically for the customer taking into account any substitutions or alterations that might be necessary.

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