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Partner Restaurants


The Partner Restaurants plugin is a perfect solution for operations that have off-campus restaurants partnering with their program. If students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to use their on-campus money or points at off-campus locations, the Partner Restaurants plugin creates the necessary functionality to help describe this program.

The web component gives you the ability to list partner restaurants’ locations, categorize them by cuisine, display hours of operation, and describe the partner’s ability to offer delivery, online ordering, and links to their website. The partner restaurants can also participate in Maps and the What’s Open feature that, by default, shows which on-campus restaurants are open right now.

The app component creates a separate tab for partner restaurants that mirrors the appearance of the Restaurants tab that features your on-campus restaurants. Complete with partner restaurants description, featured image, and hours of operation, users will readily understand the similarities and differences that partner restaurants offer.

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